Project Description


Since 2006 UNITAID has, through innovative funding, promoted access to treatment for AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria for the citizens of poor countries. UNITAID negotiates low prices for drugs and diagnostics and improves the accessibility of these products.

Following an analysis conducted in treatment centers, UNITAID issued a letter of intent (LOI) on an innovative approach that would make AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria diagnostics more easily accessible. This approach follows the observation made by UNITAID’s Executive Board on the vital role diagnostics plays in accessibility to quality treatment by citizens of poor countries.

Aims and challenges

Advise UNITAID on market-entry interventions:

The subject of the LOI was fast and efficient development of affordable, quality diagnostic technologies that would allow a maximum number of people to have access to them quickly. The letter’s objective was twofold: provide the Executive Board with a way to promote the project to new partners and investors and steer future work on AIDS treatment and prevention.

Ahimsa’s role

  • Oversee the preparation of the dossier that would serve as an ‘instruction manual’ for UNITAID for the project’s development and implementation.
  • Highlight the dossier’s most important aspects to inform UNITAID’s Executive Board and obtain its approval.
  • Present the findings to the Executive Board and moderate debates on the project.


The report’s conclusions were presented to, and approved by, UNITAID’s Executive Board. The project’s funding will be discussed during the next meeting of the Executive Board in December 2012.


I wanted to send a quick note of thanks for all of your help and input this week on the various elements of the draft proposal guidance. It is shaping up very nicely, indeed!
Jason Maddix, Technical Officer, Market Dynamics, Unitaid