Project Description


Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines division of Sanofi, is the world’s largest company entirely dedicated to human vaccines. Its mission is to protect mankind against infectious diseases by creating safe and effective vaccines.

Aims and challenges

Dengue is a fast emerging pandemic-prone viral disease, in Asia and Latin America. Dengue flourishes in urban poor areas, suburbs and the countryside but also affects more affluent neighborhoods in tropical and subtropical countries.

Health problems affect businesses by their direct impact on operations and their indirect impact on economies. They affect economies by weakening labor productivity, influencing decisions on savings and investment and altering a country’s demographic structure. Health can affect businesses through its impact on workforces, customers, and corporate reputation.

This project on dengue prevention is not only a matter of corporate social responsibility, embedded in compliance, risk management and philanthropy, but also a matter of corporate social opportunity, embedded in innovation, value creation and competitiveness.

Role of Ahimsa Partners

  • Creation and coordination of an International high level Global Leaders Program to advocate on Dengue prevention.
  • Mobilization for a project engaging international corporation to join and support a Global Health initiative on Dengue prevention.