Project Description


Ever since it was founded in 1967 by Dr. Charles Mérieux, Fondation Mérieux has been fighting against infectious diseases, particularly those that affect underprivileged countries. It provides health actors on the ground with training, promotes applied research, provides healthcare and clinical biology services and helps patients and their families.

The Foundation places emphasis on outreach and partnerships through a top-level international scientific network that it has created and continues to cultivate. It acts as a catalyst for local and international initiatives with the same aim of improving public health.

Aims and challenges

Expand and promote Fondation Mérieux’s operations.

The aim is to contribute to global health initiatives by strengthening the local capacities of developing countries in order to reduce the impact of infectious diseases on the most vulnerable populations. With this in mind, Fondation Mérieux has set up training programs for health actors (conferences and seminars), thus fulfilling its historic mission of disseminating scientific information and innovation around the world. Convinced that partnerships are essential to increasing the impact of its actions, the Foundation works on the ground with key public health actors and helps its local partners to adopt its projects to ensure their sustainability.

Ahimsa’s role

Collaboration on the organization of the Moving Forward, Advanced Course on Diagnostics and Advanced Course on Vaccinology conferences.

Public Relations:

  • Develop partnerships with the private sector.
  • Contribute to seeking and promoting partnerships for the Les Pensières conference center in Annecy.


Moving Forward (5th edition) and Advanced Course on Diagnostics (3rd edition) are now recognized as must-attend international events by public health professionals:

Moving Forward Diagnostics Forum
ACDX Advanced Course on Diagnostics

In 2013, the 4th edition of Advanced Course on Diagnostics took place, followed by the 6th edition of Moving Forward

Moving Forward
4th ACDX


It’s a great pleasure for me to attend this training course and spend these days with you  in beautiful Annecy. I was very impressed that the course was organized so well and all the participants were taken care of like family, and the lectures provided so much valuable information. Here I want to say thank you to everybody who made this course happen,and made it so wonderful and memorable.
Guiyan Liu, Jilin Center for Disease Control and Prevention- Changchun- China

Merci d’avoir représenté la Fondation Mérieux à ce grand meeting sur le diagnostic au Brésil.
Dr.Christophe Longuet, Medical director, Fondation Mérieux