Project Description

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Corporacion CorpoGen, founded in 1995, is a private non-profit institute that has become a center of excellence in scientific research and biotechnological development in Colombia.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that of an estimated 8.7 million cases in 2011, only 6.2 million cases were diagnosed and notified to national TB programmes. The lack of access to TB diagnostics is due, in part, to market shortcomings, including unavailability of appropriate diagnostic tools, high prices, and tools that are ill-adapted to resource-limited settings.
There is no true, instrument-free point-of-care (POC) TB diagnostic test for use in peripheral settings. The need for a biomarker-based, simple, low-cost, instrument-free rapid test remains a key priority.

Aims and challenges

CorpoGen has a promising break through technology for the development of an innovative instrument-free Point of Care Tuberculosis Diagnostic Test to be used in low income segments for triage of contagious tuberculosis patients.

CorpoGen and its allies offer a quite unique setting for rapidly moving this technology towards the development of a prototype, ready to enter the lock design development phase in 18 months, including the confirmation of specificity and sensibility directly in sputum samples. CorpoGen is pursuing key CorpoGen collaborators and found raising activities for private and corporate investors to continue its operation to advance the development of the diagnostic test to the final prototype. Once this phase is concluded, CorpoGen intends to licence this technology to industrial partners. The investment opportunity into the next development phase has the potential to yield high internal rate of return for investors.

Ahimsa’s role

  • Introduce Corpogen to potential partners (co-development and fundraisers).

Patricia del Portillo, CEO of Corpogen during an US road show.