Project Description


Through its Policy & Advocacy programs the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation promotes more and better resources, effective policies, and greater visibility of global health so that they may effectively address the foundation’s priority health targets.

It is essential that the diagnostics industry as a whole be able to represent itself as a united entity to the various stakeholders of the public health care community, in order to convey a clear message regarding the role and importance of diagnostics in the healthcare chain and in the implementation of regulatory standards and their harmonization.

Aims and challenges

Creation of a strong initiative that would give the IVD Industry a common and global voice and better advocate on the role of diagnostics in the Global Health landscape.

Ahimsa’s role

  • Assess the existing situation. 
  • Work with the key In Vitro Diagnostic Association stakeholders in order to consolidate information in relation to regulators.
  • Interview the major stakeholders in public health care, in order to validate the approach with them and understand their expectations.
  • Interview the major international associations in the field of pharmaceuticals, vaccines and medical devices, in order to understand the motivation behind their decision to create a common coordinating structure and to identify how these associations set up a harmonized approach for regulatory issues.
  • Strengthening the collaboration between the existing associations to develop some joint approaches.