Ahimsa Partners’ mission

The world has become one marketplace and the marketplace has become one world. No longer are there such things as developed nations or developing nations. In countries that were once described as emerging, developing or under-developed, one often sees very wealthy people who are often wealthier than some citizens of so-called developed nations. On the other hand, poverty is spreading in ‘developed’ countries, striking more and more people like an increasingly contagious virus.

Ahimsa Partners draws on the support of a strategic committee composed of experts to fulfill this mission.

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Jean-François de Lavison, Founder and President of Ahimsa Partners
Over 30 years of experience in the field of Global Health.

Through his extensive international experience in both developed and developing countries, Jean-François acquired unique skills in the field of Global Health. His strong commitment to responding to emerging countries’ urgent needs motivated the launch of Ahimsa Partners, in January 2010.

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